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Josh Chatten-Brown
Mar 05, 2022
In Choose My Adventure
Hey August. It's Josh Chatten-Brown, your dad's friend. It was great getting to meet and hang out with you up in Tahoe! I've been following your adventures and getting updates from your Dad. I'm really impressed, as is my son, Sterling, who also really enjoys photography. What an amazing way to share with others the beautiful experiences that you have had! When I was about your age, my parents took my brother and me to the Galápagos islands in Ecuador. It was so memorable, having seen penguins and 100-year old tortoises. I think that you would really love the experience, and I'm sure that you would get some fantastic photos! Hope to see you in Ann Arbor sometime soon for a Michigan football game! Take care, Josh
The Galápagos content media
Josh Chatten-Brown

Josh Chatten-Brown

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