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Example of Finished Product

After you select your beautiful photo, we offer you the option to either: turn it into wall decor (a canvas wrap picture, ready to hang on your wall) or on a select set of pictures, we offer the option to receive it as a 5'x7' or 8'x10' matted print (which you would frame yourself). If you choose a wall decor option, it arrives at your home well packaged and protected. You just take it out of the box and hang this new beauty in the perfect spot in your home, for all to see! See sample pics below, so you know what to expect from the product you order on our site. We have served dozens of customers to date and have always exceeded our customers expectations. Guaranteed.

Canvas Print sent and arrives well packa

Well packaged & protected

We ship your picture to you, ready to hang as soon as it arrives. Your picture comes well packaged, wrapped in plastic and thoroughly protected, so you receive a beautiful finished product. We guarantee it!

Photo is turned into Wall Decor

The photo you selected, gets turned into a beautiful canvas wrap, wall decor ready ready to hang on your wall. The photo takes over the full picture and doesn't need to be framed, as it is ready to hang as is. Enjoy!

Ansel August hanging pic_edited.jpg
Back of Canvas Print_Ready to Hang.jpg

Back of your picture

The back of your picture comes ready to hang on your wall, nothing additional needed. Yay!

Width of your picture

The width of your picture is 3/4 inch deep. The photo you selected also spills over to the sides as well, which looks incredibly stylish!

Sample of Side Depth & Width of Canvas P
Mattted Print_Finished Product Example.jpg

Example of Matted Print(s)

For some select pictures, we offer 5' x 7' or 8' x 10' matted print options, which you would frame yourself, before hanging on your wall; this provides a lower cost option to still own one of these beauties!

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